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Hurricane Preparedness and Updates

Dear Windsor Court Team,

Now is the time to draw our attention to  June 1st and the official beginning of the six month period we know as hurricane season. Unlike COVID-19, we have experience with hurricanes and we have some level of advance notice for both preparations prior and actions during to be put into effect during and after such events.

This page will provide up-to-the-minute updates at the time of a pending storm and throughout the event. We will also provide updates via the hotel’s emergency hotline 1-855-NOLA-WCH (1-855-665-2924). Your Human Resources Team will be reaching out to all associates as part of our preparation process to confirm we have accurate information on each associate. But, you can also review and alter your information we have in our database by accessing the ULTIPRO Site:  You can always call our office (504-596-4796) to review your contact information also and add other contacts for email notifications.

Ralph Mahana            General Manager                                                 504-884-1002

Gregory Curtis           Director of Human Resources                           504-717-1201

David Fernandez       Human Resources Manager                               504-717-1167

Javiera Patterson        Employment Manager                                        504-717-3247

Tara Minamoto          Director of Training & Development                504-717-0486

You may also email


This is an estimation for planning purposes. In an actual evacuation, the timeline may shift based on a number of variables.

Due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing during City-assisted evacuation, it is possible that decisions will be made even further in advance of a storm’s landfall. Pay attention during hurricane season and be ready to evacuate immediately if asked to do so.